Coney Hill Baptist Church

Demonstrating Gods Love Together

Romania 2007

For the last few years the last week of August has seen a group from Coney HIll head to the village of Valea Lui Mihai in North-Western Romainia to help the Church there engage with the children of its community, and especially within the nearby gypsy villages, where many congregations have recently been planted.

This year our largest group ever went, 31 of us, more than half young people, and so we were able to run 3 different holiday clubs as well as attend 4 seperate local churches.


It's always great to meet old and new friends, enjoy fasntastic hospitality and to be inspired by the work out there.  It's hard to witness some of the poverty and need but a real joy to see how the church is able to make a big difference. 

It was especially good this year to be able to work in the now partially complete new church building, which we have helped establish - a tangible sign of the fruit of our relationship over these years.