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Welcome to Coney Hill!

As we go into the new year we have decided that, although it's possible for us to continue our physical gatherings in the Church building, we will postpone them again, and reconsider on a month by month basis.  We are however also continuing to produce online services, each Sunday, as we seek to be church together, and to both support and be a blessing to our community.  Our current Sunday programme, including links to the online services that have already been shared, can be found here.              

Feel free to join us then, either physically, when we are open again, in our building at 10.30am each Sunday, or on our Facebook page for an online form of the same service, from 11am.  We will also be continuing to gather, on Facebook, for a brief time of prayer, each Wednesday at 10am.  

Additional material can still be found on our youtube channel too, do take a look.    

We will also be connecting in small groups, both for prayer and bible study, via ‘Zoom’, as well as physically.  To participate, or for any more details please email   Do come back here, or check in Facebook for more information.      

If you've missed any of our online Sunday services, from April through August, when we were meeting exclusively online, or wish to view them again, you can find a link to each of them here.

As ever, do get in touch with us if you think we can be of any assistance at all and, if you know of anyone in need of support, or you would like to offer help, please do let us know.           

God bless you.                                                                                                                                         #FaithnotFear

We are a local Baptist Church, ordinarily meeting every Sunday and with a wide variety of different things going on.  Do take a look around and, of course, you would be very welcome at any of our activities once they resume. Our usual full programme can be found here.

Our Sunday Service usually begins at 10.30am each week and finishes around 12, there is always provision for children.  The details of our Sunday programme up to now, can be  found here, most weeks the messages are available to download from that page as well, and also, past messages, from the sermon download page.    We look forward to connecting with you!                              

Our Community Lunches have, of course, also been postponed, we look forward to reinstating these as soon as we are safely able to.

We would love to provide what support we can at this time, if we can help at all, or if you have any questions or would just like to speak with someone, simply contact us.

Our work, locally and around the world, continues.  Our connection in Haiti with Hope Health Action is an ongoing source of encouragement We also continue to work with our friends in Romania and also have interests in Thailand as well through BMS World Mission

Do contact us if you want to know more. 

Our Coffee Bar continues to open for special mornings and events.