Coney Hill Baptist Church

Demonstrating Gods Love Together

A Disciples Journey - Audio

A Journeying People - Acts 12v25-13v3

Confronting Power - Acts 13v4-12

A Story Told, A City Stunned - Acts 13v13-52 

Conflict and Confusion - Acts 14v1-20

Building the Church - Acts 14v21-28

Missionary Relationships - Acts 15v36-16v5

Across Boundaries - Acts 16v6-15

Prison Break - Acts 16v16-40

Turmoil in Thessalonica - Acts 17v1-15

Argument in Athens - Acts 17v16-34

Commitment in Corinth - Acts 18v1-21

Priorities in Ephesus - Acts 19v21.41

Falls and Farewells - Acts 20v1-38

Heading Home - Acts 21v1-16