Coney Hill Baptist Church

Demonstrating God’s Love Together

3rd February 2008


Genesis 1:26-31 & 2:19-20a


Advert series for recruitment agency…. Enthusing about work…”But it’s Monday!”

Work’s a funny thing, we have a strange relationship with it. Almost by definition it’s hard and the obligation of it is wearing, we look forward to the week-end or the holidays. But take it away and our lives are diminished, not only financially but in lots of other ways as well.  So we have this kind of ‘can’t live with it can’t live without it’ thing going on. 

Like so many things, we can get an understanding of this by looking at the opening chapters of the Bible.  In this series of ‘Bigwords’ I’m going to have to be careful not to be going back to Genesis 1-3 every week – because the roots of so many of the big issues are found there.

What is Work?


Work is God given, but easily corrupted.


Work doesn’t define us, but allows us to display that with which God has gifted us.


What Can Work Give Us?

A Means of Worship:

Work can be an offering to God.

A Place to Practice Discipleship:

Work can help establish the kingdom.


How Should I Work?

Creatively - To Build A Positive Environment:

Man was created on the sixth day, when an environment in which he could thrive had already been established.  Immediately he was called to work, to maintain and develop all that he had inherited so that future generations could flourish too.  That then is at the heart of all human work, creating a context in which people can thrive. 

Responsibly - Being Serious about the Difference You can Make:

He was given specifics to do as well though;  rule, fill subdue, and then asked to name all the animals.  In short he was given responsibility.  All work is responsibility, you don’t have to be a manager or formally oversee other people to have this charge to be creatively responsible.